Connex Connect App

One App To Control Everything

Real time Monitoring and Control of all your Smart Tech devices from ONE App.


All your Connected devices in one screen for easy access, assign devices to rooms and see a quick view of your number 1 Pre-Set automation Scene


Setup scenes that can be actioned on your Smart Phone or Automations that occur with out your direct input. Actioned via Time Schedule, Temperature, Date, Weather etc.


Dive into the comprehensive settings and customize away, assign rooms, add family, access the Help centre and Message centre.

App Features

Assign Rooms

Assign each Smart Tech device to a room, so as to quickly access devices.


Share all devices or specific devices with Collegues and Sharevall devices with Family


Setup Smart Scenes for Tap-to-Run actions or Automation for actioning without your input. Schedule the Automation to run when you require.

Message Centre

The message centre is where all the current and history Alarms, Family messages and Notifications
of Smart Tech device are seen, you can view screen shots of camera triggers. Keep all family up to date with home security.

Smart Tech Device Management

Customize each Smart Tech device with your personal preferences, View Cameras video feeds and review recorded Video footage from Camera SD Card. Set the colour and brightness of your Bulbs and Monitor Power usage of devices plugged into Smart Plugs.

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