Must Have Smart Home Devices

4  Must have smart home devices

Turning your home into a smart home does not have to be rocket science. With many devices designed for smart homes, you sometimes won’t know where to start when turning your home into a smart home. Worry not, we’ve listed 5 smart devices every smart homeowner should have.

  1. Smart WIFI Motion sensor

A smart home motion sensor is one of the most important smart home devices you can have in your home. It provides safety by detecting movement in your home and will detect when someone is in your home uninvited. Once a smart home sensor detects certain movements in your home, they tell other smart devices how to react, such as smart lights and smart plugs. The best part?  there is no need for you to be present physically.

  • Smart camera

Another must-have in smart come is a smart camera. Besides being able to sense what is happening in your home, you want to see.  A smart camera can record footage and capture images in real-time.  You can live stream all movement in your house using WIFI to transmit the footage or images into a device such as a smartphone using an app such as the Connex Connect app. This allows you to easily monitor the status of your home even if you’re far away.

  • Universal Remote

Imagine having control of your home through your smartphone? A smart Universal remote is exactly that. It lets you control devices like your TV, soundbar, air conditioner, and more. Through an app, you can control all these devices with just one voice command such as Alexa and google assistant. You can also create multiple timers and customized commands to control you’re your home. For example, you can set it to turn on the light at 7 pm and turn off the light at 6 am. 

  • Smart LED bulb

A smart LED bulb is one of the best ways to save electricity in your smart home. Just like most smart home devices, smart LED bulbs work by using WIFI to connect to your smartphone, allowing you to control the bulb using an app. Smart Bulbs have features such as automated lighting when you are away. They also use voice commands to command them to turn them on or off.

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