IOT Smarthomes

Smart IOT Home – The future of home living

Thanks to the Internet of things (IoT) , we have witnessed the emergence of technology with smartphones, smart TVs, Smart cars, smart devices robot vacuum cleaners, and now, even smart homes. IoT and smart home technology have become increasingly integrated into our everyday lives.

What exactly is IoT?

Before we delve into smart homes, we need to understand what the internet of things (IoT)is. To put it in simple terms, IoT refers to everything that is connected to the internet. IoT allows billions of devices all over the world connected to the internet to collect and share data. Internet-connected devices are to collect and share this data over a wireless network without human intervention. IoT has become synonymous with making our lives better and saving money. For example, if your lights can turn themselves off automatically when you want them to, you get to save money on electricity bills.

IoT and the smart home

Thanks to IoT, your home can also be “smart.”   A smart home is a home system that uses internet-connected devices to automate and manage tasks and systems remotely through a network device. Home automation allows you to control your home through IoT. Smart homes include smart TVs, smart plugs, automated windows, automated doors, smart lighting, intelligent heating, automated locks, sensors, and much more. The IoT smart home has drastically improved the way we live life.

Why do I need a smart home?

There are many benefits of having a smart home. A smart home gives you to control appliances that use energy, allowing you to save energy and therefore household expenses, no more expensive electricity bills.

Smart homes provide convenience. The ability to turn on lights when you need to, monitor and remotely control your home temperature or even turn on your tv through voice recognition is the ultimate comfort.

 Smart homes also provide security by giving you the ability to monitor your home while you are away, giving you peace of mind.

Where can I get smart home devices?

It is estimated that IoT industry will be worth over 22 billion and there will be over 478,2 million smart homes by 2025.  You too can add convenience to your life, while saving money. Explore our top of the range smart home products and turn your home into a futuristic smart home.