Problem corrected 2 Dec 2019
Code was rectified to Push alarm to the Message centre, iOS and Google Notification
To refresh your App Data, clear the App Cache  Me > Settings > Clear Cache
NB. Push notifications will only be sent to the Android and iOs notification centre, if it is activated in the Smart Phones Notification settings and the Connex Connect App is open in the background. If the Connex Connect App is closed, then the App will not have permission to send through push notifications.
Problem corrected 18 Nov 2019
A linking problem was identified and resolved.
To refresh your App Data, clear the App Cache – Me > Settings > Clear Cache

The Motion Sensor will only Trigger if it has not sensed any movement for 60 Sec.

If you wave your hand over the Sensor, it will only trigger on the 1st Motion it senses (If no Motion has been sensed for 60 Sec). The 2nd Motion Trigger will only occur if the Motion Sensor has not sensed motion for 60 Sec

Smart Tech light bulbs require 220V to be able to connect to the Wi-Fi signal. Leave the ON/OFF Light switch in the ON position and control the light bulb with the Connex Connect App or your Voice

When you have a Power Failure and the Power is restored. All the devices will reconnect to your Wi-Fi when the signal is restored. The Light Bulbs will reconnect in the ON state and the Power Plugs will reconnect in the OFF state


Step 1: Add device
1. Connect your device to the power source and turn it on
2. Open the App, select “+” on the top right of the home page to add device. At the net-pairing page, select the type of product
3. Make sure the device is in net-pairing status: the Wi-Fi indicator light blinks quickly (twice a second)
– Please refer to the operation instructions found above the “Confirm indicator light blinks rapidly” button on “how to make the indicator light blinks rapidly”.
– Please press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to reset the device if the product doesn’t have a reset button;
– For devices such as the light which do not have a switch, please connect it to the light holder and operate the switch 3 times (on-off-on-off-on), stop at a light on condition in which the light blinks quickly;
– If the product has a reset button, please press the reset button directly.
– It is recommended to check the operation manual in order to connect the device to the network quickly.
Step 2: Enter Wi-Fi Password
Select the Wi-Fi through which the device can connect to the Internet, and enter the Wi-Fi password. Then click “OK” to proceed to net-pairing. Only 2.4G Wi-Fi is supported at this moment, please check if the Wi-Fi network is 2.4G.
Finally, wait a few seconds until it displays that network has successfully been paired.
1. Make sure the device has been connected to the power source and turned on.
2. Make sure the device has been in net-pairing status.
3. Make sure that the device, the phone and the router are close to each other.

4. Make sure that the device, the phone and the router are close to each other.

5. Make sure the router password is correct.
6. Make sure the device has been added using 2.4G WiFi band. Enable the Wi-Fi broadcast function and do not set it to hidden mode.

7. Make sure that the encryption method of the router’s wireless setting is WPA2-PSK and the authentication type is AES, or both are set as automatic. 11nonly is not allowed in wireless mode.

8. If the number of the router’s connected devices reaches the limit, try to turn off some device’s Wi-Fi functions and configure it again.

9. If the router has enabled the wireless MAC address filter, try to remove the device from the router’s MAC filter list to ensure the device is not prohibited by the router to connect to the network

1. Please make sure the device has been powered on;
2. Please check if the network is stable. Checking method: put a mobile phone or an iPad next to the device and make sure they are connected to the same network, then try to open a web page;
3. Please make sure the home Wi-Fi network is working well, or whether the Wi-Fi name, password, etc have been modified. If so, reset the device and add it again. (How to remove the device: Open the App and enter the device control page, click “…” button on the top right hand corner, click on the bottom of the page “Remove device”)
4. Please try to reboot the router and wait 3 minutes to observe the status of the device;
5. If the network is in good condition and shows no sign of modifications after troubleshooting, please go to the device’s control page and click the “…” button in the upper right hand corner to get into the “More” page. Then, click “Feedback” and enter the issue you encountered and provide your Router model, we will handle it ASAP.
  1. Make sure that indicator light or light quickly flash;
  2. Phone has connected to Wi-Fi router and been able to connect to Internet;
  3. Tap “Add device” in app and enter correct Wi-Fi password. Touch to search device around;
  4. In the device list, select and add the device.
  1. Make sure that indicator light quickly flashes or light slowly flashes;
  2. Tap “Add device” in App and then “AP mode” in the top right corner. Connect to device hotspot first and then Wi-Fi.
  3. Tap “Next” to add device
  1. When adding device for the first time, it requires that device and phone need to be under the same network environment. After successfully adding device, you can remote control device with 2G 3G 4G network

A Scenario or Automation can be setup in the SMART Screen

A Scenario requires a Human Interaction to Execute

An Automation will Trigger on a set Date, Time, Action

APP Related problems

Because of the Data security protocols, we cannot identify your Smart Tech Device  unless you give Connex Connect permission to view your device data.
This can be done within the Connex Connect App by reporting the Device or App you are having problems with in the Help Centre
Me > Help Centre > FAQ > Report Issue
The App will run through a Question and Answer process, to get as much information about the device and problem, so that we may correct it.
The more information and pictures you supply, the easier it is to rectify
The app couldn’t control the device suddenly. It might be the result of a bad network environment or device is offline.
1. Please make sure the device has been powered on;
2. It is recommended that you keep the App open for about 3 minutes, and see whether the device is still online.
3. If it’s still online, please place the phone next to the device and make sure they are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Try to open a web page to check for the network’s status.
4. If device is online and network is in good condition, yet it still cannot control any device, please go to the control page of the device, click on the “…” button in the upper right hand corner, and then click on the “Send Feedback” to enter the issue you encountered, and provide your Router model, we will handle it ASAP.
If the device encounters such a situation, it may be because the device and the mobile phone are connected to the same LAN, but are not connected to the Internet.
– Please place the phone next to the device and connect it to the same Wi-Fi as the device. Try to open a web page to check if the Wi-Fi can connect to the Internet;
– If you cannot access the network, it is recommended to restart the router.
– If the device has been connected to the network and the above issue occurs, please go to the control page of the device, click on the “…” button in the upper right hand corner, and then click on the “Send Feedback” to enter the issue you encountered, and provide your Router model, we will handle it ASAP.
1. If the device is controlled by a physical switch, the device may not be synchronized at the same time.
2. It is recommended that you open the App and the device status will be updated after operating.

This may happen on lights that have no switch button (not a smart switch and no scene linkage at home). If the device needs to connect to the network, it is necessary to ensure that the physical switch of the lamp is open, and then the lamp can be controlled with the App. However, when it is powered off, the lights and the App will lose connection, so the light turns into an ordinary device. When the power is reconnected, if the light’s physical switch has been turned “on” before, then the light will turn on automatically.

Please set the countdown timer at 0 hours and 0 minutes to cancel the countdown.

Please go to the App – “Me”, click on your profile picture to enter into the basic information page. At “Temperature unit”, choose the unit you need. After changing, the scene and others will perform and show the temperature in the unit you chose.

You may find the undefined-xxxx in the Wi-Fi list, or other similar hotspots to connect.

Open App, go to “Profile” > “Device Sharing” > “Sharings Sent”, tap “Add Sharing”, then you can share the device with the added family members.

Open App, go to “Profile” > “Device Sharing” > “Sharings Received”, then you can find the devices shared by other users. It also allows to add remarks to users or delete certain sharings by long pressing or swiping left.

This error is caused by a failure to setup a secure SSL256 channel to transmit the encrypted Video.

This is usually caused by the WiFi signal dropping when the device and Cloud are trying to communicate. It is normally corrected when you select the Retry option and a secure channel is achieved

The Connex Connect APP is a Mobile APP and therefore only works on Android and iOS platform

If you load an Android Emulator software program like “BlueStacks” you will be able to run the Android version on your PC or Mac

Connex Connect is a Mobile Platform, so you cannot view Multiple Cameras on one Screen

Third-party control

Please add the device into the App, and go to the Settings page. Select the “…” button on the top right, you will see “Supported Third-party Control”, click the icon to find the quick guide for using third party control.

Please check the user manual of the third party control device app and see if this voice command is recognized accurately.

Down Load the Google Home App

1)Open Google Home App and go to “Home Control”

2)Tap”+” on the right conner and find “Smart Life” on the list;

3)Sign in your Smart Life account;

4)”Link Now” and “Authorise”

Amazon Alexa and the Tuya smart Skill work together to help you control home appliance nice and easy.
You can simply ask Alexa to turn on, turn off or dim the light.
There’s no need to go to the switch to adjust you home light – just talk to Alexa on your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap or Echo Show.
Connect Alexa to your Tuya Smart products in a few simple steps:
(1). Download our “Connex Connect” app in android or ios app market;
(2). Register account in our “Connex Connect” app;
(3). Connect a “Connex Connect” Smart Tech device;
(4). Configure these devices in our “Connex Connect” app and change appropriate name for your devices which will be used in “Tuya Smart” skills;
(5). Download Amazon “Alexa” app from android,ios or Amazon app market;
(6). Configure Echo with “Alexa” app;
(7). Search “Tuya Smart” skill from the “Alexa” app skills category;
(8). Click Enable skill of “Tuya Smart”, and you’ll be navigated to Connex Connect login page;
(9). Input your Connex Connect account username and password, you’ll be redirect to the success page;
(10). Now the setup is finished.
You can enjoy the voice control on your home devices like these:
“Alexa,discover my devices.”
“Alexa,turn on the bedroom light.”
“Alexa,turn off the bedroom light.”
“Alexa,set the bedroom light to 50%.”
“Alexa,brighten the bedroom light to 50%.”
“Alexa,dim the bedroom light to 50%.”
“Alexa, set bedroom light to green.”
“Alexa, set bedroom light to cool white.”

Apple will release iOS 13 in September 2019. iOS 13 has restrictions on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth permissions, which may affect your app’s network connection experience.

To guarantee user experience, we will assist you in making preparations.

The following describes how to resolve app-related issues that may occur in iOS 13.

Issue 1: During Wi-Fi device network connection, the Wi-Fi name entered is incorrect. On the network connection screen, WLAN or Wi-Fi is specified automatically or the Wi-Fi name is left blank.image

Solution to Issue 1

  1. Step1:Tap Settings, and tap Privacy, then open Location Services.


2.Step2:Tap Settings, locate and tap the app, tap Location, and select While Using the App, as shown in the following figures. The app can then obtain the correct Wi-Fi name.image

Issue 2: The following issues may occur when you use a Bluetooth product:

  1. “Enable Bluetooth” is displayed during device pairing.
  2. After the operating system is upgraded to iOS 13, the Bluetooth device goes offline and become unavailable.

Solution to Issue 2

  1. Step 1: Enable Bluetooth.image
  2. Step 2: Tap Settings,locate and tap the app, and enable Bluetooth, as shown in the following figures. You can then use the Bluetooth device.image

Device Question

IFTTT will no longer be supported from the 26 May 2020

Dear user, we will stop the access to IFTTT from 26th May 2020. We recommend the ‘Automation’ and ‘Tap to Run’ by clicking ‘Smart’ in the App to achieve similar functions. We apologize if there’s any inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding

With no power on the Camera, it will not record and Video

As long as the Camera has power, it will continue to record Video footage onto the SD Card

To ensure that your Video footage is recoded and stored properly, a Class 10 SD is card is recommended

The Average storage required for 1 Minute of Video is 37 Mbytes for 720P Camera and 72 Mbytes for 1080P Camera

Eg (4Gb Memory Card / 37 Mbytes per Minute = 865 Minutes

865 Minutes / 60 Minutes = 14.5 Hrs of continuous Recording)

Turn the light switch On and OFF 3 Times in 5 Seconds and wait and the Bulb will start to flash 3 times a second. (Pairing Mode)

The Infrared feature is automatically switched on as soon as the Light Levels drop below the required levels for the Camera to operate, this is a built in feature of the Camera and cannot be turned off

The Camera Infrared LEDS have a range of approx. 10 Meters

(The Infrared LED light does not pass through glass, so you cannot see through a window at night)