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Want to have a room’s lights turn on, by simply entering the room? Use a Smart Home Tech Sensor to Trigger an Automation. Walk into a room and the lights turn on.

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Intelligent Smart Tech Automation


Use a Smart Tech Sensor to Trigger an Automation. Walk into a room and the lights turn on.


Automate your Aircon or Fan with a Smart Plug when the temperature hits a pre determined value, the Aircon or Fan turns on or Off.


Within the Connex Connect App, setup preset actions that occur with out your input. Eg Turn your lights On or Off at a certain time. Use Automation to setup customise control of your Smart Tech devices.


Schedule your Lights, Plugs and appliances to Turn on or Off on a pre determined time. Turn on your Lights when you are not at Home.


Scenes are used to carry out actions on a preset setting at the push of a Button on your Connex Connect App. Eg. One button push to turn off all the lights when you go bed.

Group & Share

Group your Smart Tech devices to operate together and Share them with Family members. Stay in contact with integrated messaging.

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Energy-Efficient Solutions with Connex Connect

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Smart Cameras 

Smart Cameras 

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Benefits of Smart Home Technology

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Connect your Smart Tech device in seconds, all you require is a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi router, a strong Wi-Fi password, and the Connex Connect App on your Smartphone.